What In The World is a Sugarfoot???

Hi Everyone! 

So what is a Sugarfoot??? I got this question a lot when seeking advice on how to go about blogging and logo designs.

I did some research and this is what I found… According to Wikipedia, it is an old western TV show from the 1950’s. Its main character was given the nickname because he lacked “cowboy skills” such as not carrying a gun and only drinking something similar to root beer when at the bar. He apparently was a law student who went out west for adventure, but wasn’t quite cut out for it!…. Bless his heart!

When people asked me where I came up with Sugarfoot for my daughter, I say that I’m not entirely sure! Maybe I heard it somewhere and liked the sound of it??? But after doing my research, I know for a fact that I had never watched that old western a day in my life, let alone heard of it until I googled the name!

I honestly think it just came out of my goofy, yet creative, head of mine ;). I am not sure the exact day I started calling her this, but I do know it was around the time she started walking and getting into everything! I am a psychology major, and I took a few child psych classes. I remember learning from my professor, that nicknames from parents are great for kids. It gives them a more personal and loving connection. Looking back, I feel like I gave this name to my daughter because even though she was all over the place all the time, she was my sweet little girl.  So let’s break it all down, shall we…Sugar is for my sweet little girl and foot is from her finally becoming mobile on her 2 feet! It was such a fun time! (maybe a little sarcasm there! lol) She is now 10 and I still call her Sugarfoot! She is even the one that came up with my blog name! I think giving her this unique nickname was meant to be!

What nickname did you give your child? Do you still call them that today? Comment Below!

I thought hearing the theme song from the TV show would be a great way to end my first blog post!

Hope you enjoy…I know I did! lol

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