Terms of Endearment

Nicknames or if you want to be fancy, Terms of Endearment, are not only for spouses, but kids as well. I believe these cutsie, possibly embarrassing names show a person you care about and love them. As discussed in my previous post, I gave my daughter, Sugarfoot as her nickname and yes I made it up all out of love! 😁😍

Wikipedia defines Terms of Endearment as the below.

A term of endearment is a word or phrase used to address or describe a person, animal or inanimate object for which the speaker feels love or affection. Terms of endearment are used for a variety of reasons, such as parents addressing their children and lovers addressing each other.


My daughter actually gave her favorite purple spoon a term of endearment when she was younger. She called it Baba. She carried that spoon around EVERYWHERE. Never a doll or stuffed animal. Just her purple spoon. We even bought a pack to keep on hand, just in case it became M.I.A.!!

We are not sure where this name came from. But if I had to guess, (here comes that psych degree again!) I would say her food once came from a Baba (bottle) and once table food was introduced, the Baba went away. This left the glorious purple spoon in which provided her with the food. Very complex, I know. This is how my child’s brain has always worked!

But wait it gets even better!! When she got a little older, about 2 or 3, the purple spoon is slowly no longer being wanted. She was ok leaving the house without it. The spoon phased out, but the name Baba remained. My daughter’s new favorite thing she assigned this term of endearment to…my mother! She has called my mother Baba ever since the spoon stage ended. This maybe a stretch, but my mother provided her with food as well, so why not deem her with the magnificent nickname. And as for my mom….well she absolutely loves it! Oh and don’t even think about calling her Grandma! My daughter will correct you in a heartbeat…”her name is Baba!”

So, terms of endearments are sweet and cute. Maybe even sometimes embarrassing, but it means that someone went out their way to pick a special name for you. These names show how much they love you and you should treasure them forever. ❤

What is your term of endearment? Mine is Apple, but that is a whole other blog post for another day!😂Comment yours below.

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