Hats Galore

As a woman, we have many roles, especially when you are married and have kids. You wear many, many hats. And sometimes it can be crazy and hard, but it also can be so much fun and rewarding!!

Life with Sugarfoot is about Marriage, Motherhood and More as my tagline states. I have learned so much being a wife and a mother that I wanted to share my experiences with you…the good and the bad. I will talk about being a wife, a mother, as well as the things that come with these roles.

These are some of the hats I love to wear….


As a wife to a man who is a dreamer, I budget and plan to help obtain those dreams. As a mother to a smart and goofy kid, I have to keep my thinking cap on as well as my clown hat! My roles also require me to be a nurse, a consoler, “Iron Man”, a listener, and so much more. We as women are like chameleons, we can adapt to any situation. And we need to be able to do that because we are the glue that holds our family together!


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