Never Let Go

We were walking into the grocery store the other day and Sugarfoot reaches for my hand while we go across the street. As soon as we were side by side, her hand reached for mine like a magnet was pulling us together. I absolutely loved it! She continued to hold it in the store until we started to pick up a few things. She also voluntarily will hold my hubby’s hand when we are out. I can see that slight smile come across his face every time. We both smile to ourselves because we feel if she sees us react she might let go! LOL.


Sugarfoot is 10…double digits, and she still wants to hold our hands! I feel surprised and full of love everytime. But I shouldn’t be shocked, right??? My husband and I are raising our daughter to always show her emotions, the good or the bad. We believe it is better out then in.

Teaching her that it is ok to be affectionate is also on our parenting goal list. We are a hugging family, so why is hand-holding such a big deal to me??? Maybe because we are in public and I feel like Sugarfoot is getting to the age where she does not want to be seen with us. That hand-holding can’t happen just incase there is a chance that we may run into someone from school. But in my heart, I know she is not like this. I guess I am just letting those stereotypes get to me because deep down, I am dreading the day where this may actually be a reality.

I have a good kid who loves her parents and the rest of her family. She loves us openly and there are no exceptions.  We do talk to her and ask if it is ok for us to still come eat lunch with her at school or if I can still call her Sugarfoot and say, “I love you” in front of her friends. Her answer everytime is, “Yes!” Her reason is always, “You are my parents and I like that stuff.” Again, the full of love feeling comes rushing back.

We are doing a great job raising our child if I do say so myself. (pat on the back)  There is so much happening all around her with friends, school, television and the list goes on. It is sometimes hard for parents to raise their kids to be decent human beings. However, we are determined to get her right! Sugarfoot is our one and only. God blessed us with her so it is our obligation to raise her into something great!

So no matter how much I want her to stay little forever, I know she will not. There are so many more things coming our way with her and she has outgrown so many. I just hope holding my hand will be one that will stay around for a little while longer.

  1. That’s amazing. How on to the moments and continue to build on that genuine relationship!

    1. Yes Tren, that is the plan!!

  2. I have a 9 yr old, lately with the chaos of society they are growing up in, I have been learning how to let go & let him Express himself and also show him how to react to or ignore certain situations that get to him on life.

    1. Hi Brandy! It is hard to let go of our babies and allow them to grow up. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job with your son. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I love this! It’s so amazing how you’re raising your daughter and that she feels secure enough in herself and her emotions to express her love for you. Beautiful!! 💕

    — ki’ara |

    1. Thanks! I’m so proud of the young woman she is becoming.

  4. I think it’s absolutely beautiful that she still wants to hold your hands. I hope my kids do the same when they’re older 🙂

    1. Yes, I love it so much. And I’m sure your kids will do the same 😊

  5. I remember when I was a kid I didn’t think I would ever let go of my moms hand lol. She was and still is my favorite person in the world. Hold tight to her hand as long as she will let you!

    1. Awww!!! That is sweet!! I am definitely planning to hold her hand as long as she will let me!! Lol

  6. Aww that is soo sweet!! I hope my son still wants to hold our hands when he’s 10!

    1. Hi Safi!! I am sure he will!! Boys love their mamas!! 😊

  7. What a sweet post! I cannot believe that my oldest is almost 7 and my youngest almost 1.

    1. Heather, time flies! I feel like my daughter was just a baby. Lol

  8. What a great reflection on Motherhood. Time sure does go by quick!

    1. Thank you! And yes it does 😊

  9. Sounds like your daughter is growing up to be a beautiful human being.

    1. Thank you Julia! I think she is too!❤

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