Mama Sugarfoot’s Many Hats

As women, we have many roles, especially when you are married and have kids. You wear many, many hats. And sometimes it can be crazy and hard, but it also can be so much fun and rewarding!!

Life with Sugarfoot is about Marriage, Motherhood and More as my tagline states. I have learned so much being a wife and a mother that I wanted to share my experiences with you…the good and the bad. Throughout my blog, I will talk about being a wife, a mother, as well as the things that come with these roles.

These are some of the hats I love to wear…


As a wife to a man who is a dreamer, I budget and plan to help obtain those dreams. He always wants better for our family and I love him for that. Budgeting is my Jam! My month is not complete until I know how much money we have coming and going. I feel more prepared and if there are unexpected surprises, my family and I are ready! Being a dreamer has rubbed off on the entire family. Every year we make a goal list and try our best to accomplish every single thing on it! This helps our family to stay strong and bonded together. Yes, even our daughter gets to give us family goals. We all work together to obtain these goals and it feels amazing when we do.

As a mother to a smart and goofy kid, I have to keep my thinking cap on as well as my clown hat! With all kids, there comes a lifetime of questions. They are so curious and want to know everything. My daughter asks me some deep questions and they usually catch me off guard. When I was her age, I was thinking Santa Clause and unicorns were real and watching Little Mermaid repeatedly! She would ask me questions like where did the first tree grow and why are the clouds white. I usually have to tell her that I am not sure and I’ll do some research to find out! As far as my clown hat….this is one of my favorites! I love when my daughter and I dance around the house. We make up songs and have selfie photo shoots. Love our mother-daughter time together.

My other jam?!?!?!? DIY!!! Absolutely love this. I was looking for another hobby that could possibly make a little extra cash on the side to build our nest egg. I was on Pinterest one day and saw a few pins where people were picking up things off the side of the road and making them beautiful again! My first project was a vanity! Yes, someone had posted on Craiglist that they had a vanity in front of their driveway that was free for the taking. I told my hubby about it and he did not like it one bit! We had to go to someone else’s house to get their trash???? Not Cool! LOL!! But he went with me anyway and I brought the vanity home. I immediately had a vision and enlisted my creative mother and sister to help me and the rest is history! I will definitely elaborate more on future posts because I could go on and on about all my past DIYs.

Here is a before and after of the vanity, just in case you wanna see how it turned out! 😉 Oh and I made about $150 bucks from selling it!! Pretty good, huh?

My roles also require me to be a nurse, a consoler, “Iron Man”, a listener, and so much more. We as women are like chameleons, we can adapt to any situation. And we need to be able to do that because we are the glue that holds our family together!


  1. Good that you budget. My daughter is an ER nurse, also married with a daughter but she just likes to spend. We adopted her from the foster care system. I blogged about her. I signed her up for the 401K because she wouldn’t do it. She didn’t even notice the reduction in paycheck, now I wish I took more of a percentage out lol.

    1. Yes, Mark, budgeting to me is very important. Saves you alot of trouble and worries in the long run. Thanks for commenting!

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