Fall Decor – Budget Queen Style

Fall is here and I’m so excited!! I love to decorate my house for the holidays. But like in my post, Mama Sugarfoot’s Many Hats, I am the Budget Queen! My mission is to always decorate on a budget! So I turn to my 3 favorites places…Pinterest for inspiration, Dollar Tree, and a side of Walmart, to carry out the vision!!

Click here to see some of the pins I found!

Once I pinned my ideas, I get shopping while the creative juices are flowing! I usually try to shop for decor that will go inside as well as outside my home. Since Fall has officially started and Halloween( a.k.a Spooky Day at our house) will be here before you know it, I decide to do a combo decor day! I bought Fall items for the inside of my home and Halloween items for the outside. I spent about $30 at the Dollar Tree. Then about $10 at Walmart.

Decorating Time!!

For my Fall Decor, I made a few flower arrangements for my living room end tables as well as for one of the vases on my console in the dining room. I jazzed up my plain white vases with some blinged out ribbon! So cute! I also purchased a few bowl fillers to decorate my coffee table and found a really cute serving platter that I used to decorate the top of my cabinets. My normal kitchen colors are orange, teal, white, and tan so I just kept the orange accents that I already had! Love it when I can use my current items in my new decor designs. Check out the finished products!!

The Halloween Decor is so much fun to do and Sugarfoot always comes out to help! I love it because it gets her outside to enjoy some good ol’ Vitamin D and the temperature was perfect! We were out there for about an hour or so….decorating, singing, dancing, and just being silly. Love that mother-daughter time!

Speaking of loving that time…somehow Sugarfoot was able to sneak this in the back of my shirt…part of the spider web for the window!

Found it about 2 hours later! 🤦🏽‍♀️I pulled it out and she busts out laughing! I am so oblivious sometimes and she is such a little sneaker!


Back to the decorating. We usually decorate just the front porch incorporating our window, 3 pillars, and the door. All of the Halloween items came from the Dollar Tree. We purchased pumpkins, webs, black cat, skeleton, and the other usual Halloweeny items to create this look.

Pretty Spooky Huh?!?!??

Again, love decorating and I enjoy it, even more, when it doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg. To help me stay on budget as well as change up things a little from our day to day design, I only add a few items to my home when I am doing seasonal decorating unless it’s Christmas!!! I absolutely love this holiday so I kind of go all out. So keep checking back with me to see what I find and a peek at the final design.

How does your family decorate for the Fall and/or Spooky Day??? Comment below! I’d love to get some ideas for next year! 😉

  1. This post has gotten me so excited for Fall!!! I love all of these ideas! I will definitely be adding some of them to my Fall Decor Inspo Pinterest boards.


    1. Hi Daneisha! I’m excited that you’re excited about Fall like I am! Lol Thank you!

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